Winter Safety Tips for Your Yard

Winter is a cold, long season, but it does have its advantages, including giving us a break from outdoor chores like mowing the lawn, weeding and trimming shrubs.

But if your home is for sale, you can’t ignore your yard. Even buyers who visit the coldest of days will want to tour your entire home—including the front and back yards, so make sure these areas look their best and, more importantly, that they’re safe with these tips.

Keep Your Deck Clean: If your yard has a deck, don’t let dirt and leaves build up on it. Sweep it regularly. Chances are you’re keeping your outdoor furniture in storage during the winter, but if you get an unusually warm stretch with no snow in the forecast, it’s worth taking out those chairs and tables so that people see your deck’s potential.

Clear Pathways: Rake any remaining leaves and pay special attention to paths and walkways because these are places where guests can slip on wet leaves. Also clear away sticks and twigs and give it a good washing on days when the weather allows.

Add Illumination: Installing lights along your driveway and near areas where people will be walking after the sun goes down is aesthetically pleasing and makes it easier for guests to see as they explore your yard. During  the holiday season, you can make things festive with Christmas-themed lights, but simple off-white lights are fitting all year round.

Watch Out for Ice: Nothing will ruin a tour of your for-sale home like someone hurting themselves by slipping on ice and snow. Be sure to thoroughly shovel your driveway, deck and walkways any time snow falls. Then, make these areas safer by spreading an ice-melting product on any icy areas. Be sure to look over these spaces for black ice, which can be hard to see and is particularly slippery.

Organize Your Shed: If you have a shed in your yard, be sure to clear it out and sweep away leaves and dirt. Put everything away neatly and organized, in case a potential buyer takes a look.

And whenever you go outside during these cold months, take a look at things like gutters, roofs and fences to ensure your home is looking its best.