Serina Ortiz-Tomlinson


DRE# 01152416

30+ years experience in Temecula and Murrieta as a real estate agent!

After over 30 years and over 2100 homes sold throughout Southwest Riverside County Serina still enjoys what she does.  Her simple philosophy is to make every single client her top priority and provides them with the most outstanding service.  The Tomlinson Group team is comprised of Serina and her husband, Eric and her mother-in-law Jan.  All three are experienced, full-time real estate agents.

The Tomlinson Group serves French Valley, Hemet, Romoland, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Murrieta, Sun City, Menifee, Perris, San Diego, Temecula as well as Riverside and Orange Counties.



Buying or Selling A Home?

Call Serina to schedule a home consultation today at 951-805-1115.


“What People Are Saying…”

We met Serina in 1998 when we bought a home in Temecula and then we sold that home in 2003, and bought a home in Murrieta with Serina as our realtor. She is such a hard worker, and has all the answers! She and the Tomlinson Group are true experts in their field and very dedicated to their  clients! We will call up the Tomlinson Group AGAIN when we decide to move in a few years. They will be our realtors for life! ”

– Lisalynn Stephens

This was the 2nd home Serina has helped us purchase. The 1st house we bought was 9 years ago. Over the years we’ve contemplated selling our home but always decided not to. Whenever we had the desire to sell, I would reach out to Serina. She always made herself available and entertained our  plan. She was always ready and willing to help us make the right decision for our family. This past year was the year it happened and we sold and purchased a new home through the Tomlinson Group. The Tomlinson Group was on the ball. Serina gave us tips to follow to make our house look great for our listing. Eric took pictures, created a video tour, and a flyer of our home that was second to none. He did such a great job and our listing was so well written that our home was in escrow within a week… during the holiday season. Buying a new home was a little more complicated but Serina expertly guided us through the process using knowledge from her years of experience. Anytime we needed to see a home we were interested in; the Tomlinson Group was there. We saw countless homes and never had to wait long for someone from their team to be ready to show it to us. We are now in a wonderful home we love and it’s all thanks to the hard work by Serina and the Tomlinson team.

– G. Paulson



From left: Jan Tomlinson, Eric Tomlinson, Dan Stephenson, Serina Tomlinson
February 23, 2017 Awards Ceremony, Temecula, CA

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