Ways to Make Your Home More Desirable Before Listing

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, make sure it looks its very best in order to outshine the competition. While there are many things you can do to enhance your property, here are four of the most important aspects to highlight when attempting to attract buyers:

Appeal reigns supreme when it comes to attracting prospective buyers. They’re looking for an attractive residence that’ll present a welcoming façade and inspire pride in ownership. Inspect the interior and exterior of your home from a buyer’s perspective. Every room and space inside, as well as the lawn, walkways and outbuildings, should be aesthetically appealing with coordinated colors and designs. Mismatches in structure or decor are usually a turnoff to those seriously interested in purchasing a home.

Everything should be orderly. Get rid of trash, debris and weeds that can make the property appear uncared for. Unused items that are stored in closets, cupboards, the attic or the garage should be removed to make those areas appear more spacious and useful. All surface areas, including counters, floors, walls and ceilings, should be free of dust or stains. Bathrooms should appear especially tidy and free of moldy tiles or rusty fixtures.

Even a mansion can appear old and uninviting. Freshen the paint indoors, replace missing tiles and hardware and upgrade bathroom fixtures. Consider having your hardwood floors polished or new carpet installed. Windows should be clean without spots or stains. Everything about the property should look well cared for and updated. Also, make sure to regularly cut the grass and weed any flower beds on the property.

Make sure everything about the property is in good working order. Check electric switches, and replace burned-out bulbs. Check to see that cabinet drawers close completely and evenly. Inspect appliances and equipment for any problems or flaws that should be fixed before the property goes on the market. Creaking doors can be lubricated. Broken window latches should be repaired or replaced. Ensure the toilet flushes completely and that no faucets are leaking. Additionally, do a walk-through of the property and visualize how prospective buyers might see the space.

Your property should look its best as soon as you put up the for-sale sign. You may not get feedback about what causes a prospective buyer to not place an offer; however, the better your property looks and functions, the faster it’s likely to sell.

Source: Lizzie Weakley/RISMedia’s Housecall

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