Leverage Strategies for On-Purpose Growth

Opportunities aren’t lost—they go to someone else. Are your team members maximizing and leveraging the opportunities literally right in front of them? Are they committed to the simplest form of real estate sales—networking, working their sphere and making connections and personal relationships with potential clients, as well as continuing to nurture past clients and referral sources?

It takes a lot more time and financial resources to attract and convert a new client than it does to keep existing ones. In today’s hyper-focused, transaction-based climate, it has never been more important to leverage strategies for growth that both create more referral business and attract new clients to your team—and, most importantly, create long-lasting client relationships. Making sure your agents have an “on-purpose” plan to leverage the hundreds of opportunities in front of them weekly, and then convert them into new client relationships, is key.

Follow these five proven strategies to keep your agents focused on leveraging and maximizing all the potential business in front of them every day:

1. Leverage your current listings for more business.
Your team should be selling three or more new pieces of business from each active listing. Sending out postcards to move-up buyers and the neighbors to invite them to the open house an hour before—and, better yet, calling and notifying people in their past client and sphere about the new listing or open house—creates additional opportunities. Calling the neighbors before the sign goes up can create showings, which will show the seller you do more than put a sign in the yard and slap it in the MLS. Through calling the neighbors or your sphere, you will create new buyer and seller leads.

2. Leverage open houses to convert more leads into listing appointments and buyer clients.
The open house is still the best lead-generation strategy to attract new business—you are literally open for business, where buyers and potential sellers are coming directly to you. Choose the right price point, drive traffic and convert the leads into new client relationships by obtaining appointments during the open house. Watch my exclusive webinar, “Make $50K (or More) at Your Next Open House.” This strategy will make you fall in love with open houses again and realize it’s the best face-to-face, new business-generating strategy around.

3. Leverage every opportunity you encounter with people.
When you meet new people, do you strike up a conversation and let them know you sell homes for living?  Do you wear your logo somewhere that says it for you, or do you ask people where they live? I always ask people where they live, then I ask what part of that town/city and what street. (It’s at this point that I say, “Don’t think I’m strange, but I sell houses for a living and I ask everyone this,” to which they immediately tell me what street they live on.) Then, I go one step further and drill down and ask, “Which house?” and they tell me that too, and then I tell them, “I know that house, it’s great and I remember when it was on the market.” Next thing you know, we are now talking about real estate. They inevitably ask me which brokerage I am with, and from there, I will almost always ask them if they know anyone I can help or if they are thinking about making a move in the next 6-12 months.

Additionally, when I meet new people and they ask me if I am a REALTOR®, I immediately say, “Yes, I am—do you need to buy or sell a house?” Eight out of 10 times, they say no—but two out of 10 times, they say yes, or they know someone who does. I made $18,000 at the car wash (literally!) with this genuine, sincere request. Try it, and remember to laugh and smile—and expect a no—and you will get a few yeses along the way. You and your team members can maximize every single encounter at the coffee shop, a sporting event, professional or personal dinner or meeting, school or with your neighbors. Anyone, anywhere is a potential new client relationship.

4. Leverage your professional network and vendors.
Remember to include your professional contacts (attorneys, accountants, dentists, doctors, hair salons and retailers) and your vendors with whom you refer business to (mortgage lenders, title companies, home inspectors, painters, contractors, roofers, etc.) to make sure they are referring you and your team’s name to new client opportunities. Keeping them up to date on your marketing, your success and your new listings, and asking them for referrals, should be done to leverage your mutually beneficial relationship for success.

5. Leverage your client database or CRM.
Keeping in front of your client relationship database is the most lost opportunity that agents don’t maximize. Have your team put their clients on a drip campaign so they hear from you regularly (monthly, not once a year) with valuable information about the housing market and home values. Email and send cards like SendOut Cards to help celebrate your sphere and past clients’ milestones or achievements. Customizing the cards makes them personal and keeps your relationship strong.

Make relationships everywhere you go. Add value and be magnetic. When you’re radically differentiating yourself, you’ll be your own lead magnet.