How the Island Is Shaping the Kitchen of the Future

Kitchen islands have been a popular feature for many years now, and they have become the indispensable social focal point of many homes — as much on fast-paced weekdays as on weekend mornings. Experts from Danish kitchen design firms JKE Design, Kvik Denmark and Multiform share three reasons why islands are so popular at the moment and discuss what the future holds.

The Social Element

As Jannie Kjær of Multiform Aalborg points out, kitchens have changed a lot over the decades, and versatile and multifunctional kitchen islands have held a special place in people’s hearts.

This is especially true for families with children — kitchen islands are popular because they offer a place to get together on busy afternoons and quiet weekend mornings.

“The island gives families with children the opportunity to combine cooking, homework and socializing, the latter being especially valuable,” says Lene Halse Hornemann, designer and owner of Multiform Design Center Copenhagen. “And for couples whose children have moved away from home, it’s the idea that one person can cook and the other can sit with a glass of wine on a bar stool by the island and enjoy the moment.”
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