Friendly Front Porches: How to Create a Welcoming Vibe

Your front porch can be a place where you greet guests, relax outside when the weather is good and connect with life on your street. You can make your porch a more comfortable and inviting entry area with just a few key elements, or you can turn it into a fully furnished outdoor room. Either way, you don’t need a huge space or budget to create a friendly ambiance. Here are ideas to get you started.


1. Make Your Porch Approachable

Consider the view of your home from the street. Does your porch invite your guests in? A well-maintained appearance, pleasing arrangement of plantings and clear pathway to the front door will make people feel welcome.

The walkway to this South Carolina house guides visitors straight to the porch, and planting borders leave plenty of room to walk. Tall topiaries and porch lights on both sides of the front door make the entry an attractive focal point. Just visible are a pair of rocking chairs on the left and a rustic love seat on the right. The look is spare but welcoming.

Large pavers lead to this small porch, where a single comfortable chair and a couple of attractive planters are enough to communicate a friendly hello. (The tail-wagging dog also helps.) With a sturdy chair like this one, neighbors have a place to sit and write a note, and family members can wait for visitors or pause when coming and going.
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