6 Trending Living Room Colors

Trending LIving Room Paint Colors

Looking to update your living room vibe? A fresh paint color can have a big impact on the look and feel of the room and will cost you a fraction of the price of new furniture. Martha Stewart talked to paint experts who say that we’re moving away from the grays and clean whites of the past decade to embrace new colors that add warmth and play off of a room’s natural light.

Here are six of the most popular paint hues the experts are eyeing for 2020:

1. Deep blue. This rich shade will give your living room a sophisticated look. Use a matte finish for a suede-like feel or a gloss for a more regal vibe.

2. Pale peach. Neutral hues like pale peach will become more popular this year as they help add warmth to a room. This shade will also help balance out cool tones in your living room furnishings, such as gray, and nicely complement natural woods.

3. Crimson red. This shade of red is imbued with smoky tones and browns to add warmth to a room that’s lacking in natural light. It pairs well with neutral-toned furniture as well as complementary bold colors like golds and greens.

4. Hushed blush. While pale pink has been popular in recent years, this even lighter shade leans more toward an off-white. This warm, neutral shade provides a great backdrop for any combination of colors in your room, especially accents of green, blue and red.

5. Teal blue. Looking to be a little adventurous? Then teal blue may be the paint color for you. Look for a shade that’s the perfect balance of blue and green—a great choice for a clean, modern living room.

6. Off-white. A shade that never goes out of style, off-white is a great option for those who want to avoid color, but don’t want a white that’s too harsh or too cool. Designers recommend keeping your living room’s furnishings neutral and simple when painting with off-white.

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