10 Ways to Create a Romantic Garden

Gardeners are a diverse, passion-driven crowd. Some of us are brazen in our approach, utilizing bold colors or rare plants to stake our claim in the world as collectors, artists or whimsical gardeners. Then there are the romantics among us, those who celebrate life and love with sentimentality, passion and zeal.

Romantics are often accused of seeing the world through rose-colored glasses. They may, arguably, have the best view of all. Let’s look at how to design a garden that satisfies the spirit of the romantic.

1. Create a Private Entrance

The romantic garden is not open to everyone. Unlike the garden of the extrovert, where the gate may be transparent and open, the entrance to the romantic garden is solid and private. The gate comes with a lock. Softening this hardscape with delicate vines or softly textured plants gives a subtle hint of what is to come while establishing boundaries.

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